E. Mokobodi

Director Emerging Markets

“The economic growth of 

Africa is related to the quality of energy in all forms that is available”

Background: Bsc Construction management, 

IESSA Relux Computer Design, Project Management.

E. Mokobodi


“ I believe we as women can make an

impactful difference in the business world”

Background: Bcom Economics, Compliance,



D. Pentz

Business Development Manager

“ I like to think of myself as someone who is here to

change the game one LED at a time! 

Background: Ba LLB Law, 

IESSA Relux Computer Design,

Sales & Marketin

M. Mphou

Measurement and Verification

“I’m all about the design and services in the disciplines

of electrical engineering’

Background: Electrical 

Engineering, (CMVP®), 

Project management

K. Ngonyama

Water Engineer

“ We need to treat our water as precious as


Background: Msc Water and Environmental Biotechnology,

Remediation, Water processes

R. Ndlovu

Technical Installations

“ Its all about quality service!”

Background: Electrical installations, Construction

H. Tshikonga

Technical Installations

“Get the job done right first time! ”

Background: Electrical installations, Construction.