Our Solar solutions are designed to accommodate: Residential , Commercial & Industrial 


For our residential solutions, we have a variety of systems that are designed for your home. Our systems are designed  with the concern for our customers and with effective of saving them electricity costs, reduce reliance on the utility from load shedding and power failures.

Commercial & Industrial

The rising cost cost of electricity always poses a threat to any business bottom line. by having a grid tied photovoltaic, system the energy mix can reduce the rising costs of electricity by switching between different power sources based on the peak snd off peak electricity times and tariffs.


Residential benefits

  • A reduction in home electricity bill
  • a more environmental friendly home
  • Less risk to power outages and load shedding

Commercial & Industrial benefits

  • Reduced cost associated with unexpected power loss or load shedding
  • Reduction in CO2
  • Excess solar stored for later use
  • Outage avoidance
  • Switching between power sources based on the on peak and off peak electricity times and tariffs.
  • Reduced in maximum demand charges
  • Offset energy costs – Solar PV and storage can reduce total grid consumption

Home Solar system

Sola Power System Grid for Commercial & Industrial

Key Solar Energy Benefits:

Clean renewable energy: Considering the amount of free energy from the sun, why not take advantages of what is freely available , environmentally friendly as well as reduced  carbon footprint.

Long term sustainability & reliability: As electricity costs are constantly on the rise, invest in a quality solar kit for your home and business and enjoy the your cost savings, reliable energy system altogether with an existing electric system.

Reduction in purchasing and installation cost: Cost in the production of solar systems have dropped significantly in the past decade. as a home and business owner, there are many financing instruments to finance the installation of your solar kit. With an estimated payback period of 4 years or less depending on the kit installed!