AT SAKISA ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY GROUP can assist you or your company with energy management systems and how to be more energy efficient. we understand that every organization has an inherit aim to be more productive for less.

Energy Management

We believe that energy management is a systematic ongoing process to manage the use of  energy with careful consideration to:

  • The energy context of your business / home.
  • Opportunity to enforce behaviour change within the organisation.
  • Monitoring of performance through data.
  • Operation and maintenance of existing equipment as a low cost entry point to effective efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

We come up with solutions to reduce the amount of energy that is used to provide power to business equipment or home appliance. thus there are  a lot of benefits such as;

  • Clients and end users can save money.
  • formIndustrial operations being more energy efficient reduces production and product costs.
  • A reduction in risk and exposure to rising energy prices
  • attractive financial and economical returns.

Sustainable Energy Management

Energy management

At Sakisa Energy & Technology, we believe that excellence should be shown in all that we do, we make reference to ISO 50001 as a guidance with regards to our approach  for energy management. for more info ration on the ISO family standards, refer to: .


mplementation of the energy management system is not the end goal rather the continual improvement of both the system as well as energy performance. Areas that an implemented energy management system need to continuously sustain and support:

  • Energy performance improvement
  • Continual improvement of the energy management system through effectively aligning with the strategic direction of our clients.
  • The achievement of other intended outcomes such as environmental benefits, cost savings and renewable energy.