Lighting Solutions

With a great knowledge of lighting and a technical team with years of experience we are able to provide the most appropriate solutions for your individual needs and applications. We have a variety of different suppliers each with their own unique lines of LED products to accommodate a variety of lighting solutions for many applications.

We Provide

We at Sakisa Lighting currently supply, market and distribute a wide-range of lighting products to suit the clients’ needs. At Sakisa Lighting, we believe that client satisfaction is of the utmost importance and this is mirrored by the quality of products and service offering we market and distribute. Sakisa Lighting is a Level 1 B-BBEE supplier (100% Black Owned) and is fully committed to transformation in South Africa.


Sakisa Lighting consultants strive to produce lighting that is both functional and appealing. We at Sakisa Lighting understand that LED lighting requires technical knowledge, we therefore invest time in equipping the consultants to understand solutions in order to meet the customer’s brief. We consider the cost-effectiveness therefore our lighting designs cater for energy efficiency of long-term running and maintenance costs. We can provide clients with an energy audit, reflecting current usage with beneficial options in lighting replacement.

Energy Efficient, Best in Value and Performance, Easy to Maintain

LED lighting makes lighting more energy efficient and has the potential to integrate with countless smart building platforms for easier control and automation. A restructuring of a commercial/industrial lighting infrastructure can in itself result in a 70% reduction in energy consumption. Upgrade lighting sooner rather than later, because an overall lighting upgrade changes a building’s capabilities. Properly designed smart LEDs improve the overall look and atmosphere of an office, or any building and can even have a positive effect on employee productivity, company morale and customer experience.


We at Sakisa Lighting have reliable contractors from Hiseko Engineering & Projects who perform specialized work related to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems.


Local is Lekker. The manufacture and assembly of LED products is taking place right here in South Africa. We have a vested interest in local LED manufacturers with whom we have had business dealings over many years. This is particularly important in terms of local design for local conditions as well as lead times and warranty support.